Pink Hair Don’t Care

I’ve been wearing this skin for 30 years and 9 months- technically. My face doesn’t look any older than when I was 29, I haven’t gained or lost any weight, but I feel different.

I started packing for my trip to Chicago, a trade show for work, by setting out my empty suitcase on the bed. Walking into my closet, I saw all of the clothes I didn’t want to wear to Chicago. I pulled short sequin dresses, mini shirts, mini skirts, and opaque-ish tops off of the hangers and folded them in a pile by the closet door.

I’m too old to wear them. I look ridiculous in sequin, and mini skirts just aren’t appropriate almost anywhere for me. I’ve traded in my dancing on bar tops for networking, traded in my binge-drinking booze for binge-drinking sugar free red bulls while putting in extra hours.

So I filled my suitcase with what was left in my closet after the purge; dress slacks, knee length cocktail dresses, chiffon sweaters, and plenty of scarves.

I rolled my suitcase into the airport and was greeted to a woman in her 80’s (?)…she was being escorted along in an airport provided wheelchair. Appearing a little confused with the processes of security, her head jerked quickly from side to side, not unlike a baby bird.


A crooked smile spread across my face (this usually happens when I try to stop a smile). The woman had a not so carefully crafted tuft of pink hair. I loved it!

I was so worried about looking too old to wear a certain item, wear certain makeup, or act a certain way, and this woman had complete freedom from any of these social stigmas!

I imagined at her funeral, her children, all wild and careless like herself, would talk about how mom was always herself, fun and free. All the way up to her death, mom dared to be different, dared to not care what others thought about her, dared to live by the philosophy that you are never too old.

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We read to learn, to feel, to laugh, to understand others. We write to teach, express, communicate, to inspire others. I created Invisible Ink as an outlet of sorts, an area where I can organize the chaos; a place where hopefully I can be true to myself, and my readers. Writing is personal, it takes a brave and dedicated soul to formulate a piece and then share it with the world. That being said, I get just as much out of reading other's work as I do sharing mine ( I am always open to manuscript review swaps, just send me a message). Words read off a page evoke emotions. When taken out of context, or through an out of focus lens - anyone can mold the words, shifting their meaning to fit their agenda or distorted outlook. Staying true to form and myself, I won't censor my content, but I will censor my audience. Whatever lens you happen to be reading this through - I hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Pink Hair Don’t Care

    1. Amanda that is fantastic!!! I grew up as a military brat, so not only could I not dye my hair any color, makeup was completely forbidden. I think it’s really neat to see people break the mold and be so bold! (Rhyme not intended lol!)

      1. Pigtails are always fun and adorable on almost everyone! I agree, confidence is the best thing you can wear.

  1. If it helps to reinforce your final decision, know that I took a survey: Myself and 99,999 other men favor the idea of you wearing mini-skirts if you desire to do so.

    (Margin of error on unscientific survey accurate to within +- 0.000%)

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