Book Review: She’s Come Undone – Wally Lamb

I’ve read the reviews. Many rated the book as one of the worst they have ever read. However, Oprah, has put her large stamp of approval on the book. I read the description of the book – a young girl becomes overweight after experiencing quite a few childhood trauma’s. She learns how to deal and cope with life, and how to love again. I couldn’t help wondering if Oprah’s love of the story was because she could closely relate to the main character. 

Either way, I read it, and loved it. This is my first time reading Wally Lamb, and yes – he is a man writing from a woman’s perspective. I have never been overweight, and so perhaps I am unable to vouch for the events that take place in a typical obese person’s life, but I imagine Wally’s account to be pretty accurate. I am able to relate to, however, the main characters’ traumatic childhood of losing my mother, my father not being present in my life, bullying, and sexual abuse. 

In my opinion, Lamb’s level of comprehension of a traumatized mind, the effects and repercussions and the constant struggle of trying to make ones’ self feel whole again is spot on. 

Many other readers have reviewed that the character was hard to like, and hard to feel sorry for. I will admit that I felt a bit of that in the beginning. The main character has a way of doing really really stupid things to aid in the unraveling of her life, and doesn’t have the strength to do her own work to pull her life back together again. But isn’t that just the way of some people’s flaws? The character reminded me of a few people in my life. The one’s that you hear these weird stories and outcomes and wonder, “well, why would they do that?” She was able to complete a bit of a transformation throughout the book which was enlightening, and for some of those people in your life, isn’t that all you hope for for them? You aren’t expecting them to become the first lady or anything, but just pull their life together enough that they can function in society and not cause too many ripples.

Not every story has a happy ending, and while the ending of She’s Come Undone isn’t exactly a fairy tale, it’s an ending filled with HOPE! It’s a realistic ending that doesn’t necessarily give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, but you at least walk away feeling like she will come together.

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We read to learn, to feel, to laugh, to understand others. We write to teach, express, communicate, to inspire others. I created Invisible Ink as an outlet of sorts, an area where I can organize the chaos; a place where hopefully I can be true to myself, and my readers. Writing is personal, it takes a brave and dedicated soul to formulate a piece and then share it with the world. That being said, I get just as much out of reading other's work as I do sharing mine ( I am always open to manuscript review swaps, just send me a message). Words read off a page evoke emotions. When taken out of context, or through an out of focus lens - anyone can mold the words, shifting their meaning to fit their agenda or distorted outlook. Staying true to form and myself, I won't censor my content, but I will censor my audience. Whatever lens you happen to be reading this through - I hope you enjoy!

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