Book Review: The Surrender Experiment

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Title: The Surrender Experiment – my journey into life’s perfection

Author: Michael A. Singer

Genre: Self Help

Story: A young man realizes early in his college career that if he surrenders to the natural course of life, he has much more enjoyment throughout, and living becomes effortless. He experiences great successes from becoming an author, a yogi, the owner of a publicly traded computer programming company, and great wealth. By not shutting out what life brings to him, he is able to recognize the opportunities in front of him, and this lifestyle is what he tries to teach his readers.

What Worked: The first half of the book was overwhelming and motivating. To hear his story and how when he let go of the many fears that we all face (what are we going to do with our life? How do others perceive me? Is this safe?) was magical. The events and journeys he experienced when he was able to let go were mesmerizing. To even think that we all could live so peacefully and fearless and still prosper was extremely inspiring, and I took some time to reflect on my own life, what negative feelings I have been harboring, and how much more fulfilling it would make my life if I could eradicate them.

What Needs Work: While reading further into the story and the miracles that happen to Mickey, I put them in perspective and thought a lot about my own life. Where I am now, where I have come from, and where I want to go. I thought about the amazing amount of success Mickey has achieved and thought about the time that it takes, and how I currently spend my time. I then thought about all of the time I spend with my new daughter, and how much I love it. Mickey also has a daughter in the novel, conceived around the same time mine was – in his early thirties. But he just mentions her twice in the novel and nothing more. As if having a child doesn’t take up a huge amount of time and priorities shift. In fact, he doesn’t talk at all about spending any time with his family. It appears in the novel that he literally spends his entire time working – twice a day congregations at the Temple that he runs, then building a construction company, and lastly, a computer programming business that nets millions. Perhaps he just doesn’t mention the time he spends with his daughter in the book, but it was a little off-putting and I wondered about his personal relationships.

I felt that the book underestimates life, and the powers that be. Yes, Mickey Singer has experienced a tremendous amount of opportunity, good luck, and success from hard work – but he seemed to never face any down falls! Ever! No health issues that come out of no where for many (and most) people, no trauma or hardships at all (Minus one serious legal problem that arises in the end of the book that he of course overcomes). I just don’t think that life falls that way for everyone, no matter what negativity they eliminate from their psyche. It is true that his perception that “everything happens for a reason” stopped him from seeing any situation as really bad helped, but his life really is rather charmed compared to most.

Overall: I picked this book up because I read his other best seller The Untethered Soul which transformed my husband and I in ways unimaginable. This was nothing like that book. Perhaps I set myself up for disappointment. The book was more about the story of one incredibly lucky guy who has an incredibly charmed life just seemingly fall into his lap. And I’m not just talking about learning to be happy with what you have – his life is over the top. The book focus’ too much on the business side of things, and not enough internal self help in my opinion.

Rating: 2/5 stars

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