Book Review: Marrow By Tarryn Fisher

Title: Marrow

Author: Tarryn Fisher

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Story: The Bone, a small part of town that sees and experiences the worst of things is home to two unlikely friends, Margo and Judah. Margo is an overweight anti-social girl who lives in the Bone in a worn out house with a worn out mother. Judah is a well liked handicapped boy with doting parents and an avenue out of the small town. A young girl in the neighborhood goes missing, and is eventually found murdered. Judah and Margo unite to find a way out of the Bone. Once out of the Bone, their self transformations take on different extremes, which leads Margo to lead a vindictive and dangerous lifestyle.

What Worked: The grittiness of this book was alluring. The creativeness behind the story and attention to detail was superb. The character transformations were nothing short of awesome.

Even though the characters went in completely different directions and were polar opposites, I found myself rooting for them both. Margo is flawed, but flawed in a way that you understand how her past has shaped these flaws, they aren’t just carelessly thrown into the story. I rooted for Margo even when she was making mistakes because her intent was justified. There was never a part of the story where I thought, “Oh, I bet this is what happens next.” The twist and turns kept me guessing throughout the entire novel – which is exactly the way I want it -very realistic and way life is; unpredictable.

What Needed Work: If I had to just come up with something that I wanted more of, I would have liked to be in Margo’s head a little more. There was some insight into her thoughts, but there could have been more. I felt at times throughout the book, when big events occurred, I only got glimpses of what Margo felt, when if this was reality, the thoughts would have been much deeper. Perhaps that is just part of Margo’s character, and her actions did reveal a lot about what she must have been feeling, but they were just assumed. Ex: As Margo loses weight, how does she feel about it and how does this affect her transformation?

This is me just being nit-picky though. I absolutely love this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes mysterious thrillers.

Overall: This book fulfills all the urges you’ve ever had to go full vigilante. That is all.

Rating: 5/5

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