Book Review: The Devil Crept In By Ania Ahlborn


Title: The Devil Crept In

Author: Ania Ahlborn

Genre: Horror

Story: Deer Valley, Oregon was the home of the mysterious and unsolved case of Max Larsen, who went missing and was found dead. Years later, Jude Brighton also went missing under similar circumstances. His only friend and cousin, Stevie Clark, is determined to bring him back home alive and well.

What Worked: The characters are so vivid and memorable. All of their quirks, tendencies, motives. If you saw them on the street, you would know them. On the contrary, Ania gives you only enough details about the villain to make you uncomfortable while your brain pieces together the rest of who he is and what he looks like. This story reads like a typical cat,  purrs along, smoothing its body against yours. You get settled in and reach out to pet it, and it scratches you in the face with the most vile, disturbing events. There is a birthing scene that has lasting effects. I’m a big fan of stories that sew two lives together from different time periods (I’m sure there is a writers name for this but I don’t know it) – It was implemented here fantastically. You care about both stories equally, and both stories rely on each other to complete the ending. The epilogue was amazing, and was my favorite part of the book. It stayed consistent with the creepiness, but tied up most loose ends with a tiny crack in the opening of the doorway to a sequel??

What Needed Work: Not applicable. Seriously. This is not her first rodeo…

Overall: I first came across Ania Ahlborn when I read Brother. I’m now about halfway through another one of her novels The NeighborsThe Devil Crept In is so different from what I’ve seen from Ania’s previous work. I know its totally cliche to compare anyone in the horror genre to Stephen King – but I digress. Brother and The Neighbors (from what I know right now) – could totally happen in real life. Scary in that sense. Nasty, gruesome details that will stick with you like the smell of rotting flesh. The Devil Crept In comes from the depths of Ania’s twisted imagination, and she knows just what to write to make a new mother reconsider all her babies actions and motives.

Ania is on the top ten list for best selling horror authors, right where she belongs (although I think she should be a little higher than #10 but…).

Rating: 4.5/5

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