Book Review:Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman (Pen name Kim Wilkins)



Title: Wildflower Hill

Author: Kimberley Freeman

Genre: Fiction

Story: All families have unsavory secrets, and Emma’s family is no different. After a career halting injury, Emma returns home to the reality of her grandmothers death, the inheritance of a sheep farm, and all the emotional parts of life she has avoided while being a famous ballerina. While discovering her family history, she also reveals all that she was meant to be.

What Worked: The book is written as a duel story, one from the perspective of Emma, a famous ballerina living in London, and then moving to Australia, and Beattie, Emma’s grandmother who lived in Scotland and Tasmania.Beattie’s story is spectacular. I’m predicting the story, thinking, “what would I do here?” and Beattie out does me every time! She is bold and courageous. She has spunk and wit. Unusual for her time, but the hard work pays off and she becomes independent during a time when many women weren’t.

What Needed Work: Emma.Quite unrelatable to me, and so I didn’t care much for her story. She is self absorbed and discovers her relationship with her boyfriend isn’t working out. He wasn’t even that great of a boyfriend so there really is no loss. She starts out a bit spoiled, but ruins her career. Spoiler alert: she remains spoiled despite some legitimate hardships.

Overall: The story was quite interesting. I admit, I enjoyed reading about Beattie much more. Her problems were bigger, her solutions stronger – I cried for Beattie on multiple occasion. As a woman, I literally ached for Beattie. The story, cumulatively, was quite romantic and passionate, and was written with sustainable detail and precision.

Rating: 4/5

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