Book Review: The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn


Title: The Neighbors

Author: Ania Alhborn

Genre: Horror

Story: Andrew moves in with his long lost childhood friend Mickey after growing up in less than fortunate conditions. While Mickey’s house is an absolute dump, he is happy to be on his own. But he wants more, and envies the glamorous life his neighbors seem to live. The closer he gets, the harder it becomes to pull back, and things start to get weird, fast. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

What Worked: As usual, Ania’s story telling is superb, creepy – and not too predictable. It flows very easily and leaves lasting images in your mind of all the creepy things most want to forget. Ania’s concepts are always strong. Her twists are level expert!

What Needed Work: The characters in Ania’s novels are starting to become familiar. Two main male characters, one good, one slightly bad but has redeeming qualities and hope. This is only my third read from her and she has plenty more that I plan on reading, but I’m hoping the others have different profiles (I’ve read The Devil Crept In and Brother). The consistent back and forth of calling Andrew by different names made me delirious and I had to keep thinking too hard about it, which removed me from the story at times…Andy, Andrew, Drew…

Overall: I’m still a loyal Ania fan – but this hasn’t been my favorite of her books. Although I will say my personal preference is more realistic horror, which this accomplishes (I’m don’t get too spooked from Spaghetti Monsters and the like)

Rating: 3.5/5

If you wanna read: Amazon (It’s currently FREE for Amazon Prime members!!)

Follow the author: Blog Facebook Out of all of the best selling authors I follow (Yeah that sounds stalkers haha!) she is seriously the most humble “normal” person you will ever come across.

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