Book Review: Ferryman by Michael Blaylock


Title:  Ferryman

Author: Michael Blaylock

Genre: Superhero Fiction

Story: Dark, bold, adult-ish. Charlie Ferris is capable of taking life with a single touch. In this world, they live side by side with Olympus and all of the Greek mythological beings, who do not condone this power, including making a living from it. But when evil, underworld creatures threaten to destroy both Olympus, and the mainstream world, they must work together to destroy the “tarlings” and their creator.

What Worked: “I am on my way to kill a man, but I am not murdering him.” That is the first line of the book. BOOM! It stuck with me the entire novella. The book is short and he makes every sentence count. Very impactful. The book is a perfectly blended creation of Mythology (Greek) and Traditional Superhero.

There’s always a love story, right? As a lover of love and all things romance, there is a love story that weaves throughout combat, and is as complicated as any true love. I found myself really getting into their story and rooting for them to work.

Dialogue was interesting and perfectly placed. There was nothing said that the reader doesn’t need to know. There is no wasted space. Venus and Charlie are fleshy characters with some secrets!

What Needed Work: To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of superhero stories, although I do really like Greek Mythology. The fight scenes (in both book and movie) typically bore me, but I know that is not the norm. So if I had to be nit picky on anything here, I would say more love and less war…I’m such a girl

Overall: For $2.99 (Kindle Edition) and $6.00 (paperback) – you can’t go wrong. It has a “Deadpool” feel to it. Blaylock is an emerging artist with a lot of promise. I can’t wait for him to create a new full length novel.

Rating: 5/5

If you wanna read: Amazon

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