Author Michael A. Blaylock: An Interview

C1dWN-qmX7S._SY200_When I first started really writing, and by that I mean more than just for school, and dribbles of fragmented pieces in notebooks, I came across Michael Blaylock’s work.

He is the author of Rise, and most recently, Ferryman.

Q: Being a Christian Author, do you view your writing as spiritual?

A: Spiritual writing? Yes and no. My writing is not all exclusively for the Christian market, in fact my only book out right now is definitely not CBA-approved. However, I write to show God as an artist, not just a speaker. A Christian artist who makes good art glorifies God in that way, not just by a good message. Probably blogged on that topic a thousand times by now, so you can see more there.

Q: Since a lot of your writing has to do with superhero’s and their powers, what is your writing super power, and what is your writing Kryptonite?

A: Ferryman is really the only superhero story I have, but I do write a lot of fantasy, so where’s the line, really? My writing super power is music. Music makes me daydream through a million stories. My Kryptonite is oft-occurring depression that keeps me away from writing due to fear of failure.

Q: What mistakes have you made in your writing career?

A: My biggest mistake was falling for a joke of a publisher who put my book to print complete with countless typos and got some money off of me, but nobody else. Don’t be too eager to get published. You could get tricked.

Q: What is your definition of success as a writer? Long term and short term

A: Success as a writer? Personally, showing God’s creativity and grace. Art is a necessary ingredient in human souls, and grace is the missing ingredient in so much typical religiosity. If I can hit people with writing that makes them stop and stare, or realize there’s more to God than lightning bolts and fear, then I’ve made it. Other than that, I would love to support myself and my family on art alone.

Q: Does writing energize or exhaust you?

A: Writing energizes me. The only time I can actually say it exhausts me is when I’m stuck, which isn’t quite the same thing.

Q: Are you attending any writing seminars or retreats/shows this year, and if so, which ones?

A: Sadly, I don’t have the finances to make it to any conferences, seminars, retreats, or any of those things that would make me so deliciously happy.

Q: New work on the horizon? Coming soon from Michael Blaylock? What can your readers expect from you in 2018?

A: Currently, I’m juggling two projects. One is Hypocrite, a Christian Contemporary novel about secrets in church and the ugly beauty of grace. The second is Dodecon, where twelve members of different fantasy races based on Zodiac signs travel together for one whole year, learning about each other’s cultures and trying to deal with each other. I’m talking to a publisher about Hypocrite, so we’ll see, but Dodecon is still in the works.

Blaylock has a lot of experience and knowledge in the writing field, and he is super down to earth. Have additional questions? Feel free to comment below!

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